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Practice to Purpose

Yoga has brought balance and strength to my life, not only physically and during my practice but to my mind. It has taught me to reach within for happiness, trust the process, trust myself and put my trust back into life.

My name is Verity and I am human.
Welcome to my reason why.


From practice to purpose, because we wanted something that was deeper and more human, we coordinated retreats to inspire, nourish, and entertain. Immerse yourself in all that is yoga. Through practice and intention a new lifestyle and passion will emerge. Your practice will flow into everyday life; flexibility, posture and grace will become you. Whether you are new to yoga or simply wanting to further your own practice, together we can co-create an intention for our time on the mat.

Sunsets To Open The Heart

Become Your Own Warrior

Ocean Appreciation

Clear Skies


Rip the Tide, Surf with Alfred

Somewhere around Indonesia someone is scoring an epic wave. Let this be you! Surf like a local, be taken to the best – even secret surf spots!

Alfred will take you on an adventure where you can discover what, to him is a day in the land of God’s paradise! Your surf spot will be determined by your surfing preference right handers or left, the tides and your level of experience. Your own private coach is waiting for you! Enjoy the one on one or go for this trip with a group of friends or family.

Whether you have just started your surfing life or have been addicted your whole existence, one thing we all share is our quest for the ideal wave. Alfred being an experienced instructor for 9 years and having hosted surfing tours all over Indonesia brings Indonesia’s best to you by maximizing your surfing time and scoring as many waves as possible. Variety, consistency, good swell periods and a knowledgeable surf guide, is what we offer.



As more people recognise the need for inspiration and guidance, coaching has gained acceptance as a method for helping individuals move toward the change they see for themselves. Together we will close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, at a much faster rate than on your own. Coaching will develop your ability to overcome fear and self doubt, focussing on setting meaningful goals to create a life on your terms. We work through a program aligned with the guiding principles of yoga for a harmonious outcome.

1 on 1 coaching




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