The beginning

To inspire, nourish and entertain our collective.

To create positive experiences that impact peoples lives.
To inspire others to live a life that fulfils them and in turn, generate a ripple effect throughout our world.

To facilitate a holistic holiday to remember forever.


It’s the whole toolkit.

Definition of toolkit; yoga for everyBODY, meditation, new experiences, surfing epic uncrowded waves, a likeminded community, support from our team, food that fuels you and nutrition advice for life.

At a Vidya Wellness Retreat you will learn to trust your intuition and how to become aware of your body and what fuels you. We give you the tools to eat deliciously and nutritiously, to cope with life and death, to live life to the fullest by releasing the grips of anxiety, depression and lovingly embrace your body. We remind you to stand in amazement and gratitude for all that you have.

Our mission – heal through happiness!

The story of V and WHY Vidya was created

Hey I’m Verity, known as V. I live each day with an unwavering sense of purpose and passion, my belief in this process and it inspires me daily.

My dream is that everyone includes yoga in their life, it been a huge part of my healing process and my intention is to share my knowledge and wisdom to help you create a life you love. I believe we are delt a hand in life, as we are strong enough to move through it.

Yoga became much more than a distraction or an escape from my thoughts. It became the focal grounding point to which I could gravitate myself to. Yoga has brought balance and strength to my life, not only physically and during my practice but to my mind. It has taught me to reach within for happiness, trust the process, trust myself and put my trust back into life.

“It’s always been my belief that you have to love what you do, since you invest so many precious hours of your life doing it. I loved my work in the design industry, and yet after the death of my partner, the court case, travelling Central America and turning 30, I knew I needed to do more. I began to feel a disconnect from my clients needs and priorities as they weren’t aligning with my new values in life. I knew I could offer more to help others, help them with their minds, movement and breath, after all I’d been through I’ve learnt a few tools along the way!

 There was a time when I used to focus all of my energy on staying up to date with the latest colour pallets, fabric designs and most prominent trends in home decor. However, somewhere in the past 3 years, I began to notice that I was doing less design research and was instead delving deeper into the world of self love, holistic nutrition, and soulful exercise. It seemed to suddenly wash over me that, that which brought me the most fulfilment was not coming from the industry I spent so much of my time in, but was in fact, the passions I yearned to immerse myself in when I was “working.”

The transition wasn’t easy, however, I began to honour what was true for me. I no longer hedged from my highest calling.

It all became crystal clear. Why else had I been through so much in my life already? All the trauma I had endured through for my young years, was in fact a series of lessons I needed to learn. Those lessons have since equipped me with the tools I now use to share with and support my fellow beings. It became a deafening roar from within me that I could no longer silence.

Today, I lead from my heart and know without a shred of doubt that there is always a light to follow and everyone has a truth yearning to pour out of them and be lived. I will always love and appreciate the world of design – however, what I know to be true for me, is that I am here to help others find their bliss.  I am empowered to balance both beauty and grief and through it all create moments of serenity. Since embracing my calling, I live each day with an unwavering sense of pride, purpose and passion. A gift I now desire to impart upon every soul I meet.”

– Verity Coonan –





Verity begun her journey by wanting to understand her body and what worked best for her. She set out with a mission to improve her yoga practice whilst maintaining strength. This blossomed into an unwavering lifestyle which she now wants to share with others.

In a nutshell Verity is here to guide others on their journey by way of:

  • Learning to listen to one’s body
  • Relaxing into a life you love living
  • Creating connection through community
  • Choosing happiness
  • Embracing all that is you
  • Recognising and removing depression and overwork
  • Providing the yogic lifestyle and its endless benefits to everybody
  • Facilitating an unwavering sense of self and awareness
  • Teaching about the foods to eat, for you and your body type
  • Navigating the journey of dealing with death, eating disorders, rape, self sabotaging thoughts/self talk, and PTSD in order to come out the other side overflowing with gratitude
  • Authentic, genuine, unwavering LOVE for oneself and others

6 foundational principals of health



Circadian Rhythm, we just cannot cheat nature! Optimal health comes from understanding the importance of going to bed on time. Our bodies are still sun driven like our ancestors however now we face todays world with phone and TV’s artificial light. Now imagine yourself falling asleep with ease, soundly snoozing through the entire night only to wake calm and well rested.



Every day we wake and the first thing to turn on is our thoughts. If we follow the law of cause and effect …Good thoughts = good words + good deeds. Start your day filled with positivity and success and watch it follow you through your days



Breath is one of the many amazing things our bodies do naturally. Through our yoga and pranayama practice we can use our breath to influence our state of mind. With every inhale we fuel and nourish our bodies and every exhale has the ability to activate our parasympathetic nervous system.



Our bodies are made up of 80% water and as such it only makes sense to keep ourselves topped up. Water assists in stimulating digestion, eliminating toxins and hydrating the body! Water as soon as we wake and thorough our whole day is paramount to optimal health.



With our focus on quality and quantity, filled with love and honouring our bodies. What we put in our bodies is a reflection of the love and honour we have in optimising our marvellous machines and mental capacities. Get yourself on track by knowing what works for you.



The way in which we move should be determined first by a deep sense of self awareness. Rather than looking for answers externally you will learn to feel and listen from within to you body intuitively.


To Understand Is To Transform What Is

People often ask the question why. Humans are naturally curious creatures, and we seek understanding and answers for the things we do and why things happen to us. We seek understanding and closure to move on, reassurance and affirmations to remain. We often ask for forgiveness for nothing more than being human and acting as such; expressing emotions, making mistakes and finding our way.

I’m sure you have all heard the saying things happen for a reason. Some of you may have faith in this and others may not. And that’s ok. My partner was taken from me by the senseless act of a stranger and I have struggled to find reason, understanding, closure or an answer for this. Why Josh never came home that night, why a man dressed in a police uniform took his place on our doorstep.

Life stood still. My friends, family and loved ones all helped in ways I can neither comprehend nor truly thank them for. The sheer amount of people and the gestures that I received was a testament to the beautiful soul that Josh was, his funeral filling the grassy coastline of East Point overlooking the ocean. Josh was everything legends are made of and more. He was my soul mate.

My loved ones kept my life going, each trying in their own way to keep me moving forward. There were times when I lashed out, times when I laughed, times when I curled into a ball and wished for nothing more than for it all to end. It is also a testament to those around me who continued to try and continued to be there, all with their experience and unconditional love.

With that experience and love came advice. Everyone has their own toolkit for grief, but no ones toolkit is the same. At first it was a distraction tactic for me as I tried different methods to breathe purpose back into my life. Yoga was first used as a tool, another method to try and feel better. I was introduced to yoga by a beautiful soul, a soul who continues to inspire and contribute to my happiness.

Yoga became much more than a distraction or an escape from my thoughts. It became the focal grounding point to which I could gravitate myself to. Yoga has brought balance and strength to my life, not only physically and during my practice but to my mind. It has taught me to reach within for happiness, trust the process, trust myself and put my trust back into life.

My name is Verity and I am human.
Welcome to my reason why.

“Healthy plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits. Similarly, from a healthy person, smiles and happiness shine forth like the rays of the sun.”

B.K.S. Iyengar