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What are essential oils? Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds extracted from different parts of plants. As pure extracts from nature they can be used for a range of emotional and physical benefits.

It all began from one deep inhale of BALANCE, and my love for essential oils was born. My friend Lynn, introduced me to these remarkable oils, that day I ordered my first custom pack. Once my package arrived I diffused Lavender Peace into my room when I went to bed and like the name suggests I drifted off into a remarkably peaceful sleep.

My passion for my own personal health journey has been as a result of chronic gut issues. In my oil kit I received a special blend called DigestZen. You’re to rub it on on your belly to regulate your systems, and let me tell you… it is magic! Another of my favourites is a blend called Frank. I regularly diffuse it into my space and you can also find me frequently rubbing it all over my body. The benefits of these oils are endless and I love sharing with others the power of these 100% natural health remedies!

What I love most is experimenting with each oil and blending my own intuitive concoctions. I integrated doTERRA oils into my daily routine because I could see that they were perfectly aligned with my lifestyle, they would add value to my yoga classes and practice, meal preparation and offer a wholistic approach to my cleaning products, just to name a few. This community has taught me so much about embracing a natural approach to healthcare. I am a huge advocate for their message and mission, especially The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation®. It brings healing and hope to the world by providing global communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant. Through projects addressing the needs of microcredit lending; access to healthcare, education, sanitation and clean water; and fighting child sex-trafficking, doTERRA empowers individuals and communities to take charge of their own lives.


The Home Essentials Kit

Our most popular option for personal use AND you can start a business with this kit as well. Includes our ten most popular oils and blends.
9 – 15ml bottles with 250 drops per bottle
1 – 5ml bottle with 85 drops essential oil
Our extremely popular and easy to use Petal diffuser

The best oils for immune, digestive and respiratory support sleep, moods, toxin free cleaning, pain and most other needs. Great for both kids and adults!

Purchase any enrolment kit to waive the membership fee and receive the best value.


Join The Tribe

Pay a one-off membership fee of $35 and get your essential oils at the same price as me.

Choose any single oils, blends, or consumables you like from the product guide or price list below and create your own custom order. No minimum order required. Must make sure to add your $35 ‘Introductory Welcome Packet’ within the checkout as this is your membership.

*Reminder that when you purchase through me, you will be getting wholesale prices, so make sure to look at this price column not retail prices.


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Make sure to add a bottle of ‘fractionated coconut oil’ to your order so you can start to create blends and apply the oils safely to your body.

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Set up your Loyalty Rewards Program order. This is completely optional and is for those who see the value in purchasing a small order each month, while receiving big value.

To begin growing your collection affordably feel free to set it up now, I recommend the Mood Management Kit. LRP is a great way to grow your collection slowly and affordably by adding new oils and other doTERRA’s natural products into your home whilst being rewarded with points you can cash in for free products. If you’d like to learn more please contact me.

NEXT! Welcome to our Tribe! Upon successful submission of your application doTERRA will send you an email with your distributor ID and instructions on how to enter your Virtual Office. Once you enrol I will send you an email welcoming you to the team, I’ll add you to our newsletter database and facebook groups, which means you’ll get monthly updates on Product of the Month and any doTERRA specials and bonuses they may have. Be connected with our awesome community!


Why get a wholesale account?

Getting a wholesale account can be life changing in so many ways, experience a deeper practise in yoga, a chance to build a business with your best friends, share stories and grow together! Whether you are wanting to use the essential oils for personal use, get your oils for free and make some extra cash for the fun things in life and to support your family or fully replace and multiply your income, getting a wholesale account is the perfect choice.

Don’t worry if you are new to essential oils and haven’t had much experience. There are super simple apps and books you can get and full training and support is provided along with information and webinars, all free to access when you join our team.

When you read anything on the oils, you must remember that we are not licensed physicians. We cannot diagnose or prescribe for you. We can make no disease claims. If you have any illness, disease or chronic health condition, you should seek out a trained professional. Therefore, the limited information on this website is for informational purposes only, and you should never rely solely on the information here. You remain responsible for what you do with this information, determining for yourself if you might benefit from anything here, in pursuit of your health and wellness goals. Any application of the information on this site constitutes the explicit waiver of any liability on our part.