Every single moment and everything I do terrifies me. I read this the other day and I was surprised at how much this resonated with me. I mean why would you continue to do things that terrify you?

For me it takes me back to a time a moment, I was so proud I was 10 weeks into my first terrifying body building comp and we were at a friend’s house on a Sunday afternoon. Walking into their pool in my new toucan bikini and my partner Josh, looked at me with the most amazing gaze up and down, completely checking me out. So much so that our friends cracked up! We laughed so much, it was that moment when I saw my efforts had transformed into my own confidence that we could all share and laugh together. That was my true goal. Getting out of my own head and being happy with my body, taking it lightly. Proving great things happen from being terrified!

So recently while writing content for my website I’ve been wanting to know my ‘thing’. My thing at which I become a master at and can share with people. Then I realised, after a coaching session I must add, discovered that my thing is my life and how I feel. So its now my responsibility to share this with you. Everyone and everything that happens to us, the emotions it brings up are a message for us to listen too. Learning ton listen to our emotions is a true gift and is comes from self care.

Its funny that my ‘thing’ and everything that terrifies me go hand in hand. If I reflect back on my life, I’ve continued to always try new things – that terrify me. Creating my own design business, becoming a health coach, personal trainer, yoga teacher, moving to Bali and writing blogs, just to name a few. Just so you know next will be videos. There I’ve said it and have to do it now.

Self care is the essence to remind us to listen. Be so aware of your body. Be so accepting of your body and your thoughts that every moment you are present. Ok great. This is what we hear all the time, be present, be accepting, be aware. Nice Verity, you told us what everyone always says, the mission here is now how? Again it comes back to self care.

What is self care? Self care is what YOU need to do everyday to ensure you are putting you best self forward. It will be completely different for everybody dependant on your vales. As is seems one of mine is doing things that terrify me. It is also yoga, exercise, green juice, laughing and having a good sleep!

Now your mission for today is take time to write down what self care is for you. Please share.

With love to inspire + nourish + entertain