In a total state of euphoria! This surf and yoga retreat is something I have been waiting to share with you for what feels like – forever!

I am elated, overjoyed, and SO FREAKING EXCITED!!

And then there’s this tiny voice chirping away inside my head making me feel queasy, and nervous. It’s the same voice I think I had on my 10th birthday. I threw a big party and leading up to it all I could do was wonder if any of my friends would come and celebrate with me? Which spiralled in to a bigger question, fuelled by my self doubt which was… do I even have any friends at all?!

It’s funny how we can create these elaborate stories in our heads fuelled by fear. It’s the insecurities of our youth – like when you ask your mum if no one shows up to your party does that mean everyone hates you and you’ll never have any friends!

(which is silly of course, because you do have friends and are very much loved)

I’d like to say the process changes with age but, the truth is it doesn’t. Sometimes people show up and things roll out like planned, and other times they don’t.

The only thing that does change (or should at least) is how many fucks are given when we find ourselves in this predicament.

So how do you combat the worry, fear, and uncertainty? By getting rooted in your truth.

Here’s where I stand –

I know I have built an epic and affordable opportunity in paradise for all to enjoy. This is a total tropical immersion that includes; yoga, sublime surfing, remarkable nature, world class accommodations and exquisite food. I know the guides and instructors are phenomenal and the value is unbeatable.

So, I am confident that with patience and a positive mindset the powers of manifestation will support my vision and I will attract the right people to embark on a Vidya Surf and Yoga Retreat. People who are willing to own their happiness and decide what their future will look like. I know that those who love yoga or are excited to dive into a practice will gain so much from their time on a Vidya Retreat as they will be able to develop a sustainable practice and a routine that nourishes their being. I know that those who are willing to put their health first, whilst stepping outside any preconceived notions of what is easy or comfortable WILL experience profound transformation and an illuminated view of what it means to live your best life.

Because I know that this is what is waiting for those willing to take the plunge, and because I know of the value that a retreat like Vidya can offer, I also know that I have nothing to fear. That all worries are simply a side effect of embracing with open arms something I am so passionate about and see so much value in for our world.

This I know, is my calling, and mixed emotions are apart of humble beginnings.

So, here I am.

Standing before you – humble, whole and happy. Full of promise for this next venture ahead.

Certain that if you make the effort to join us in Rote – you will be a profoundly happier person because of it.

My hope is that you do.

For any and all questions please, do not hesitate to e-mail us or send a direct message to me on Facebook or Instagram.

With love to nourish + inspire + entertain