Modern Movement

All expectations removed prior, this about fun exploration that includes breath, movement and the mind space. Gentle and dynamic variations offered.

All levels welcome, taught by teachers certified in many different styles.

Accessible for adults with disabilities and trauma sensitive.


Invigorating fluid movement session, designed to empower you to explore your body. Get ready to build strength, balance and flexibility in a fun and accessible way. Starts with warming the body with fluid movement/flow. We warm down with long stretchy holds to assist with balancing and restabilising the body.


A grounding session emphasising techniques and body+mind awareness. Clarify your internal and external self, through long holds of postures. Includes relaxing breathwork to assist with the tough stuff to refine your practice.


Allow your body to recharge through rest. Rejuvenate connective tissues, and restore the joints and systems of the body. Repair the optimal range of movement. Time to nurture your mind, body and breath.



From practice to purpose. My yoga journey started as a ‘stretch’ to accommodate my hectic gym training, little did I know it was the beginning of a true sense of purpose. This ‘stretch’ began to feel amazing in my body, I also enjoyed the social aspect of catching up with mates before and after class! I began to notice when I didn’t get my yoga fix in.

Indonesia, being a true healing place for me, I flew over to immerse myself in all the yoga learnings. I met some amazing souls, learnt to surf and absolutely loved my time, I felt at home within myself. I could feel the more I practiced, the more calm my mind felt. The chatter and negative thoughts began to subside. My practice turned more inward rather than just being a physical movement, I could see the benefits of breathwork and understanding why.

Yoga is much more than exercise or a way to calm the mind. It is a way of life. Building awareness, trusting and being able to reach inside for happiness allows us to respond, not react. It allows us to breathe. My dream is to make yoga accessible for everyone to include yoga in their life, to share my knowledge to help everyBODY create a life they love. I believe yoga has the ability and power to heal and transform. Understanding your body and its capabilities builds power, flexibility and confidence in oneself, proving individual identity and a way to move forward. It builds purpose.

For me I must love what I do each day, running retreats and seeing the transformations – yoga is huge part of this. Teaching for over 6 years with a balance of Yang and Yin style practice to ensure the body and mind are both flexible and strong.

Completing my 200 and then 300 Hours immersed on the island of Bali with Mathieu Boldron, a mixture of Vinyasa, Power, Hatha & Yin. This changed the way to look at the body, to change your perspective. Embodying all aspects to create a balanced practice.


I first saw the word “yoga” at a Raja Yoga centre on the corner by the fish’n’chip shop near my house when I was about 7. I didn’t know what it meant, but there were a lot of people wearing white that went there, and I made it up in my head that it was a cultural place for special people, kinda like a church and I didn’t really feel invited but I was curious because it looked really peaceful in there. Little did I know, the invitation was always wide open.

I didn’t go to my first real yoga “class” until 2007. I was invited to go with my granddad to a 1-week Art of Living course which included 40% meditation, 40% kriya (cleansing breathing techniques) and 20% other things “yoga” like Asana and theory of the mind with ayurveda… I knew I found something special. I was in my final year of University and some how, dedicating this time made the 5 exams I had to go the best grades I’ve ever had (all over 80%). I really understood the power of the mind by then, and asana/postures were secondary but necessary to “get there” to gain mental clarity. Since then, my ‘office life’ and beyond have always been made easier with a consistent practice of yoga.

I’ve had a fun journey trying out as many yoga styles as possible, training in styles like Power Vinyasa, Hatha, Embodied movement, Kriya Yoga, Bikram Yoga and Yin Yoga… I appreciate all yoga styles as ‘equals’ and know that each soul will need to find their own journey. I always enjoy my own yoga practice, it’s never the same and changes as I do. A yoga community to me is like a ‘tribe’; a fun place of humans who like jamming to the same frequencies. It doesn’t have to be one way, but we’re all going to the same place – inside.

I still enjoy normal human stuff like burgers, dancing and hanging out with people I love. I’m not afraid to meet challenges head-on, and you’ll find my “style” to be inclusive of different styles, fun, welcoming and encouraging.


I first started going to yoga about seven years ago. A good friend of mine began taking me to Ashtanga yoga classes. At the time I had just finished playing varsity ice hockey at university and had always been very physically active and quite competitive. At the classes I was genuinely shocked by how little flexibility I had. I really struggled with most poses, but the athlete in me was always up for a challenge! At the beginning of my yoga journey, it was just that, I saw it as purely a physical challenge. However, as I started to attend more classes and dive deeper into a wide range of yoga styles I began to notice a massive shift in myself mentally and emotionally. Finding a balance between strength and flexibility in my body was bringing more awareness into many other aspects of my life. I realized it wasn’t all about the shapes.

`My practice became a place where I could go within and let go of any stress or anxiety, giving me that sense of coming “home” to myself. This sense of “home” is something I carry with me everywhere I go and can return to through times of joy and struggle alike.

I completed my 200 hour teacher training in India, studying Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa styles. Flexing my creativity muscle is one of the things I love most about constructing classes that are balanced and can offer something for ALL bodies.

One of the most beautiful and valuable things my yoga practice has brought into my life is a sense of community. Even across the world from home (Canada) I am able to connect with like minded people through breath and movement. Let’s move!

When I’m not on my mat I enjoy travelling, reading, rollerblading, and most of all spending time in nature; hiking, swimming, scuba diving & simply just being. And WOW, does the Northern Territory have some amazing nature to explore! So far my favourite NT swimming spot has been Crystal Falls.

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