Practice To Purpose

Yoga is much more than an exercise or a way to calm the mind. It is a way of life. Building awareness and reaching inside for happiness allows us to respond, not react. It allows us to breathe. Breathing is not just a physical process. It is vital to build and maintain breathing space in all aspects of life to keep stress and anxiety down and create positive and calming energies around us. My teaching creates space for people to explore their individual practice, to work safely with their own bodies using the guiding principles of body alignment.

My training has been in Yang yoga, which is a mixture of hatha and ashtanga based asana practice. Yang yoga focuses on building muscular strength, stamina and flexibility. Yang yoga poses emphasise strength and endurance, they are active and generate power from within. I am trained in Vinyasa Krama which is a progressive yoga method. Vinyasa synchronises movement with breathing and Krama is steps or stages.

My teacher, Mathieu Bouldrin, taught us to change perspective. Focus on the posture. Read the posture internal or external, to flip the posture and see where you’ve used this before. So simple yet so effective – this advice flipped my perspective on yoga itself.                                It blew my mind.

Through all my training and practice, Yin is where my love lies. I am a certified teacher and devotee of Yin and all its juicy benefits. Everybody needs Yin in their life. The practice of Yin works deep into the connective tissue in the body on a physical level and has the ability to move energy on an emotional level.

Yoga has been a game of tug a war, learning to embrace all that my body has to offer. Using only my body to move, stretch, exercise. Learning to trust and nourish this vessel of which I have disliked the majority of my life. One of my core values has always been health and wellbeing, now I know the true meaning of this is loving your body for all that is it and does. It really is magical.

As you will now know from sharing my experience with you, I believe yoga has the ability and power to heal and transform. I aim to help people dealing with life situations and provide the tools to help with the recovery process. Understanding your body and its capabilities builds power and control over oneself, proving individual identity and a way to move forward. It builds purpose.


Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodah
to cease fluctuations of the mind.

Begin your journey. Breathe purpose back into your life. Heal and become the greatest version of yourself. It all begins with you and believing you can. I have found my passion and would love nothing more than to share my world with you. Today is your day and its days like these that change our lives.


Yin Yang Yoga

Two halves that together make wholeness. Yin and yang are the starting point for change.

Wholeness, by definition is that which is unchanging and complete. Traditionally, yin and yang are thought of as complementary sides and not oppositional. Thus, balancing your more physically demanding yoga practice with gentle and restorative postures is a guaranteed way to create balance and harmony.

Yang yoga comprises the dynamic practices of Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. An active, powerful practice that emphasises the strength, endurance and heat within the human body.

Yin yoga is the harmonious blend of ancient Chinese wisdom and classical Hatha yoga postures from India that benefits both the physical and energetic elements of our being. The philosophy of Yin yoga allows us access to a larger perspective of how the world works and ultimately aligns us on a path whereby we can achieve our heightened goals on our spiritual path.

Yin [is] a space to completely surrender and be in the now.” – Annie Au

“When people see things as beautiful, ugliness is created. When people see things as good, evil is created. Being and non-being produce each other. Difficult and easy complement each other. Long and short define each other. High and low oppose each other. Fore and aft follow each other.”

Toa Te Ching


To schedule a private, in-person or online session, reach out by clicking the link below.

I look forward to flowing with you.


Private Packages 4 x Sessions

Gain a clear understanding of your practice, focus on fundamentals whilst improving and strengthen your postures. By committing your mind and body to four personalised sessions, a solid foundation for your practice will be achieved.



Private Packages 12 x Sessions

Fully immerse yourself in all that is yoga. Through a consistent practice with a dedicated intention, a new lifestyle and passion will emerge. Your practice will flow off the mat and into everyday life as you watch yourself embody the characteristics of strength, flexibility and grace.



Private Group Practice

There is nothing better then sweating it out on your mat with your tribe by your side. Connect with yourself, your friends and loved ones in a remarkable way. Between movement and stillness, discover the energetic communion that can arise in an intimate, group practice.



Private Class

Whether you are new to yoga or desire to deepen your already proficient practice, our time together will inject intention into your time on the mat. Each unique class is crafted to support your personal yogic journey and align you with the rhythms of life.



Bride & Maids

For a bride, starting her day with soulful, physical movement, clarifying her mind and creating serenity before the whirlwind begins is indispensable. This is an incredible gift, promising to calm any nerves, ensuring she enters this new era of commitment focused and ready.



Professional Wellness

Practice yoga in your own home, office or hotel room. One-on-one, live, online yoga sessions are a great way to incorporate yoga into your busy routine. During these online sessions you will get a practice that is personally developed for your particular needs and tap into tranquility right where you are.



Baby Shower

Prenatal yoga offers an exquisite opportunity to shower yourself and your growing belly and/or baby with the undeniable benefits of slow, nurturing movements, visualisation and meditation. Allow yoga to enrich your engagement with this emerging life and soul, and provide the mum to be with tools to connect and embrace the wonderful miracle of motherhood.



The Gift of Yoga

The practice of Yoga is an infinitely giving gift. Long after you leave the mat, the effects of your efforts continue to vibrate through every cell in your body. Consider infusing that feeling with someone you care for.

value on request


Health Coach & Training

The journey to embracing exercise and loving your body is the most remarkable ride you’ll ever venture on. Verity and her handpicked team of trained professionals will personally design a program that nourishes, entertains and inspires you to feed your body, mind and soul with love and intention. A focus on awareness, mobility, balance, stretching and strength comprises powerful programs that engage your entire body and achieve unbelievably, sustainable outcomes. Through a deep understanding of the human body, its systems of health and via research of human patterns and behaviours, Verity and her team ensure unwavering support and undeniable results.



Yoga2Life Coach

Create a life you love, learn to trust yourself, overcome fear and self doubt, focus on setting meaningful goals with Verity for a strong healthy mindset. Coaching has garnered notoriety as a profound method for helping individuals embrace the change they see for themselves. Work through a program aligned with the guiding principles of yoga for a harmonious outcome.




As more people recognise the need for inspiration and guidance, coaching has gained acceptance as a method for helping individuals move toward the change they see for themselves. Together we will close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, at a much faster rate than on your own. Coaching will develop your ability to overcome fear and self doubt, focussing on setting meaningful goals to create a life on your terms. We work through a program aligned with the guiding principles of yoga for a harmonious outcome.

1 on 1 coaching




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