If you’ve been tuning into social media, if you’ve explored the site or connected with me at all about the itinerary for a Vidya Retreat you’ll surely by now know that the activities, the agenda and your time will be full of rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, joy, bliss and of course some sweat.

I would like to dedicate this post solely on the exquisite location we have selected to share with you and a bit of the story why.

Rote Island is 500km North West of the Australian coast and is the closest Indonesian Island to Australia. It sits south west of the main Island of Timor.







A remote, tropical paradise, Rote has been kept untouched and unspoiled by mass tourism. I discovered this gem whilst working with a client in my design company a couple of years ago and when I knew that I wanted to make a lifestyle/business shift into the world of fulltime yoga, wellness a retreats I knew I had to see it first hand.

With consistent waves at an international scale Rote has become one of the most desired surf destinations in Indonesia. However, its not uncommon to get sections of the ocean with just you and your friends to catch waves and enjoy the dreamy sunsets!

The beauty of the island is that no matter the conditions there is usually always a wave to ride. There are about 10 waves at Nembrala’s T-Land – lefts and rights to suit all levels of surfing, from beginners to intermediates. Swells range between 4-8ft faces rising to over 15ft on occasions. The trade winds are very consistent, making every day an offshore surfer’s paradise.







Many of the best surfing spots can be reached by road, including Boa Beach. Villa Oenggaut has two 4WD vehicles available with drivers/guides and surf board racks. Alternatively, the guides will take you out by dinghy and wait for you at the back of the swell. Several other breaks including the long, steep, fast right off Do’a Island and some snappy rights off N’Dau Island are only a short boat ride away.

After a day in the water, you will rest and reset in Nembrala. A sanctuary for peace and tranquillity this little village offers endless albums of Instagram worthy photos.







Within Nembrala you will be staying at Villa Oenggaut. Situated on 5000 square meters of prime beach frontage, it offers an unbeatable ocean breeze and stunning views. The Villa was first developed by the owners to cater their surfing and fishing passions and quickly transformed into an exclusive retreat destination.

Vidya Yoga Retreat has been lucky enough to develop this blessing of a relationship and has now taken all that Rote and Nembrala have to offer with incredible wellness routines, nutritious, wholesome meals and all the avenues of relaxation you could think of.









One of Rotes unique and oh so special characteristics is it’s remoteness – travelling to this distant beauty is part of the adventure.









The best way to travel to Rote is via the island of Bali, from Bali it’s a short 1.5 hour flight to Kupang, West Timor’s capital city.

There are two options from Kupang to Rote:

  • Ferry which we usually take as we bring all of our gear, some food and we just love the time to chill on the open water and observe the vastness of the majestic Timor Sea.
  • 20 minute flights are also available.

On the retreat we will be travelling on the ferry unless you have a special request, in which we can most certainly arrange all necessary details.

All travel to and from Bali is included in your retreat package and organised by us!

This trip is all about YOU – Nourishing you mind, body and soul. Supporting you and your journey inward so that you can step back to your lives as the most brilliant you, you can be.

Once arriving in Bali all you have to do is turn off and tune in, simply show up and enjoy!










We know that you will be breathless by this beautiful island and we cannot wait to connect with you here.

With love to nourish + inspire + entertain,