An Aquarius New Moon is upon us… mark your calendars ladies, on Feb 15th you may feel a shift.

New Moons kickstart each lunar month and tend to heighten our inner energies, especially our emotional, intuitive selves. They affect energy levels, health status’, relationships and hormones.

Unlike Full Moons, New Moons are not visible, but their effects are often just as potent. 

The moon cycle is incredibly informative to us as women. It is after all a perfect role model for us and our cycles.

You may have heard of the term ‘lunar cycle.’ It refers to the idea that the moon’s influence on the body and the menstrual cycle.

The moon transits through four phases; new, waxing, waning and dark, which takes 29.5 days. The normal menstrual cycle is between 28-30 days, with 29.5 days being the average. So, naturally our female ancestors used the moon as a tool to keep track of their menstrual cycle.

Author, natural fertility herbalist and founder of Australia’s first specialist natural fertility clinic, Francesa Naish explains how the Lunar Cycle can be a powerful influence on a women’s fertility.

“The word menstruation comes from the greek language and translates into ‘month’ & ‘moon.’ We have known forever that the moon pulls the tides, and given our body is 70% water, it should be no shock that it effects and influences the body.

What might come as a surprise is the idea that you might be fertile more than once in your menstrual cycle – possibly outside the ovulation phase – this term is referred to as Spontaneous Ovulation, induced by the lunar cycle.”

Through further research and calculations, Naish goes on to say that women have the potential to ovulate, when the moon is in the same phase as it was at the time of her birth. Termed the lunar peak, it is a cycle that begins at birth, becoming effective at puberty and remains active throughout the fertile years. If mid-cycle ovulation coincides with a women’s lunar peak, then her fertility is given an extra boost and consequently so are her hormone levels.

So what does your lunar peak mean for health and hormones?

Many women who’s cycles are not in sync with the natural and incredible powerful cycles of the moon may develop symptoms of depression, anxiety, and mood swings as estrogen levels begin to fluctuate. And, with a New Moon occurring on the 15th, it’s important for us to be aware and to keep our hormones balanced.

Below are a few powerful methods to work with the phases of the moon to balance your hormones:

  1. Begin by making a habit of going outside and looking at the moon each night. This will help to reinforce your connection with it’d immense power. Develop an awareness of what phase the moon is in when you ovulate and when you bleed. This can help regulate your cycle to 29 days and a regular, natural cycle will naturally regulate your hormones, emotions and energy levels.
  2. When you look at the moon and it’s shape, bring that awareness into your body. Observe and acknowledge how you feel at that particular phase of the moon and your cycle. Eliminate judgment and seek acceptance.

What other impacts does the moon cycle have on me physically?

According to Naish the belief is this,  “Biological tension, due to the effect on certain moon phases, builds up in a woman’s nervous and hormonal systems, and in the event of intercourse, may lead to another follicle being released, resulting in a spontaneous ovulation.” Otherwise experienced as unplanned pregnancy.

In order to regulate our hormones levels, and stay connected to our regular and spontaneous ovulation cycles it is ever important to sync ourselves up with the moon.

Seem impossible? Think again! Moon cycling is easy.

There are two phases to this method of cycling in which you eat certain foods and their oils to influence your body’s hormone production. Here’s how:

During a New Moon to Full Moon consume:

Flax seed/oil, fish (and oils), walnuts, pumpkin & chia seeds/oil, cod liver oil.

These foods contain tiny amounts of phytoestrogens, which work to raise estrogen in your body for the follicular phase of your cycle. This is the time when you will be menstruating right up until ovulation.

During a Full Moon to New Moon consume:

Evening primrose oil, perilla oil, borage oil, black currant seed oil

These oils work to raise progesterone in the body, which is necessary during the luteal phase of your cycle, or from ovulation until your next menstruation begins.

If you choose to take oils, taking between 2000-4000mg per day is great.

If you choose to eat the foods, 1-3 tbsp. of the nuts/seeds per day is perfect.


Ultimately, we women must release the stress within our bodies that dictate us to “cycle a certain way” for convenience and instead tap BACK into an ancient rhythm that has literally been at the focal point of our evolution for millennia.

To swim against the current, and ignore the natural ebb and flow will only yield stress, irregular hormone levels, spikes in our emotional state and quite possibly unplanned pregnancies.

Take time each night to be with the moon and listen in to your body. Maintain your internal health with the aids of external elements like the oils listed above and most importantly, treat your body with ease on your cycle for it is doing remarkable work.

Do this and watch your emotional health and teetering hormones relax and align with the lunar love.