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Rip the Tide, Surf with Alfred

Somewhere around Indonesia someone is scoring an epic wave. Let this be you! Surf like a local, be taken to the best – even secret surf spots!

Alfred will take you on an adventure where you can discover what, to him is a day in the land of God’s paradise! Your surf spot will be determined by your surfing preference right handers or left, the tides and your level of experience. Your own private coach is waiting for you! Enjoy the one on one or go for this trip with a group of friends or family.

Whether you have just started your surfing life or have been addicted your whole existence, one thing we all share is our quest for the ideal wave. Alfred being an experienced instructor for 9 years and having hosted surfing tours all over Indonesia brings Indonesia’s best to you by maximizing your surfing time and scoring as many waves as possible. Variety, consistency, good swell periods and a knowledgeable surf guide, is what we offer.

What makes this trip the best in Indonesia?

  • Its tailored to you – a 2 hour surf at Canggu, 4 days in Balian or a week in Rote are just some of our suggestions!
  • With local knowledge of the hottest surf spots
  • Your choice of transport, scooter of car
  • Boards can be included
  • Yoga inspired stretches to warm you up
  • Ocean debrief
  • Taken to the best and newest eats on the food scene in the area
  • Laugh with Alfred!

Surf, eat and travel together and come back with epic stories. Contact us today to start planning your next trip.

Meet Alfred

Life feels better when your surfing. Feel free and forget everything, even if you have a big problem you forget about it on the wave. In my dream I always wanted, not be a billionaire but I wanted to be like successful people, to be able to support the people beside me. More of my family and to help the community, wherever you are when you see poor people or people who need help we can always support them in some way. I have chosen to do this through surfing!


Fave Breaks :
Nusa Dua, Geger Beach & T’Land Rote

Board of choice :
5 8, Currently Rockwell

What’s your age again ?

Why do you love surfing?
Surfing is a one kind opportunity, giving you a big chance for life experiences. Sharing a conversation and seeing things you have never imagined in life. Meet new people everyday and learn the cultures of every country.