Well mostly its water! So are you drinking enough water, 1L = 20kg. SO if your 70kg your water intake will be a minimum of 3.5L, I would recommend 5L. Totally not the point of this blog however never miss a chance to ensure the importance of drinking water!

Have you ever had to find out what your really made of when it comes down to it? When people don’t keep their promises, do you let them walk all over you? Do you stand up for yourself? Do you boil on the inside or have you developed healthy ways to overcome conflict?

Each moment we endure is a chance to grow, there is no specific right or wrong in dealing with life situations there are chances to grow. To show up, meaning to stand up for yourself in a healthy and positive way. Not everyone will like you or your opinions, its about learning to be ok with that too. We have to learn so many things in this life! But hey progress = happiness!

When we move through a challenge, a feeling we are letting our energy flow, our body is a vessel for energy to move through if we stop, block or interrupt the flow this is when we cause di-ease. In the beginning disease may arise in the form of anxiety, food intolerances, further it will progress to large life threatening diseases. So right now this very moment, lets make a change together. Commit to letting your feelings flow, no suppressions. Have the awkward chat, let someone know they have hurt you, be brave and trust your feelings and speak your truth.

With love to inspire + nourish + entertain