Time to prepare for your piece of paradise!

Here’s a complete overview of all the info you need to make this the best week of your life!


To ensure you have the most incredible experience whilst adventuring in Rote we have put together

this package for you with all the information you will need to feel completely prepared. Of course if you

have any questions or special requirements do not hesitate to reach out to our team via email to notify

us so that we can make sure all your need are met.


Packing and supplies list for your week in Paradise!

There will be a bit of travel required for us to arrive on the unspoilt beaches of Rote, once we arrive we

will be sliding right into retreat mode!


In order to maximize your comfort please consider these suggestions for your Indonesian adventure.

• Passport: must be valid for a least 6 months after your date of arrival

• Secondary ID: drivers license

• Travel insurance, appropriate to your travel times (check your insurance includes scooter cover)

• Photocopy of your passport & ID card & travel insurance/medical

• Credit Card & Debit Card: notify your bank of your overseas travel

• Notebook, journal & pens

• Snack Bars and/or energy boosters

• Electrolytes: to stay hydrated! We will have Himalayan salt and lemon or doTERRA lemon oil available

• Peppermint Oil or any motion sickness remedy of your choice

• Activated Charcoal capsules: incase you encounter an upset tummy

• Probiotics: to prevent an upset stomach (try find a brand that doesn’t require refrigeration).

Good tip: Also check to see which probiotic foods are good for you.. this can be used as an alternative or for extra immunity.

• Beach Essentials – Sunscreen, aloe vera, beach bag, sunglasses, bathing suit, hat, flip-flops, sarong and bug spray.. all natural where possible!

• Yoga Clothes – Light, breathable, comfortable clothing for your yoga practice

• Casual Wear for dinner

• A reusable water bottle

• A yoga mat, although there will be mats available if you don’t have your own

• Micro fibre towel you can use to wipe mat after practice &/or for knee padding if you have sensitive knees

• Surf board

• Rash Guard if you want to go surfing

• A sarong or light wrap: great for the evening Yin practice to protect from mosquitoes and as a beautiful beach accessory

• Deep hair conditioner, anyone with long hair to help untangle knotty hair from swimming in ocean OR coconut oil

• Laundry liquid detergent, if you prefer to wash your own and so you can pack lighter (squeeze some liquid detergent in small reusable travel size bottle). Also, there is the option of laundry service provided by the villa

• Alarm Clock, travel size/battery operated or use your phone

• Mosquito bug spray, also doTERRA Tea Tree oil is good for soothing bites

• Personal first aid kit, vitamins, band aids, Advil, muscle relaxer cream to soothe sore stiff muscles, digestive aids: (Like: ginger tea, peppermint tea or oil, Imodium, and probiotics)

• Medicine, if have allergy or a specific conditions – contact your doctor or local health clinic and inform them you are going to Bali to see if they suggest anything for you in particular

• Ladies, tampons/pads/diva cup, birth control if applicable

• Power point adapter, dependent on what country you are from. The villa is equipped with Australian and Indonesian plugs

• Donations, crayons, clothes, sports gear, toothbrushes, soccer ball and backpacks are greatly appreciated by the local community. The joy it will bring to you, words cannot describe!

• Computer/camera/phone charger

• Cash, Indonesian Rupiah. For any local gifts you wish to purchase, tips for the amazing staff.

• Villa has credit card facilities. There are ATM’s located on the island, however its best to be prepared. We suggest that you arrive with cash in the local currency.

• The villas will have a safe deposit box in your room to store extra cash and important valuables, however we recommend that you leave certain valuables (like expensive jewelry) at home if possible.

If you intend on staying in Indonesia for more than 30 days, be sure to purchase a 30-day Visa upon your arrival at the airport in Denpasar. Costs include a $35 USD fee, although you can pay via Credit/Debit Card or Indonesian Rupiah. There is no cost if you are staying less than 30 days.


Remember that these are suggestions. Please use your own common sense and only bring with you what you need. The best advice is, travel light!

We are incredibly excited to connect with you and cannot wait to embark on this experience together!